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Hey there! 

I'm Sarah Beth Van Alstyne, the photographer behind SBVA Snaps Photography. You can call me Sarah. 

Coffee addict.

.GIF texter

Streaming junkie.

Book nerd. 

Teenager whisperer.

Dallas Stars fan.

Corny joke lover. 

Watcher of TikToks until 2AM. 

And lastly, I am a wife to Matt and mother to our boys, Bauer and Walt, who are all proof that it is possible to live while your heart walks around outside of your body. 

Originally from Amarillo, I've lived in the North Dallas area for most of my adult life. I was an English teacher for almost 14 years, and now I devote my time to my family and working from home for an online college.

If you look around my home, you'll find my camera, lenses, studio, kindle open to my latest read, a paintbrush from my last project, and Disney+ on the TV.

I am a photographer whose goal is to make you laugh at least once during our session and who isn't afraid to get down in the dirt and weeds for the perfect shot. I'm glad you're seeing me all dressed up in these photos now--because I'll likely be rolling around on the ground with my hair piled on my head during our session. And once our session is finished, I eagerly pull your images into my computer to select the very best images to edit and present to you. 

My goal with photography is to create images that are timeless. Something that you will want to hang on your walls and you will love now and in 30 years. I also want you to print your photos. Create beautiful albums or canvases and make your images a tangible thing that is meant to last beyond years of changing technology. 

Let's make memories together, shall we?


• Worldwide winner of Senior Year Magazine's Top 200 Senior Photographers - 2019

• Published in 2019 Senior Muse Icon magazine

• Featured in select Frisco ISD high school sports programs for Senior photography
• Featured on The Senior Best for Senior photography

• Featured on Senior Muse for Senior photography

• Featured on Senior Year Magazine

• Featured on The Twelfth Year

• Featured in PosePatch

Featured in Voyage Magazine in July 2017 as a rising business in the DFW area.
• 5 star ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews for quality, turn around, and customer service.

• Seen in’s 2018 and 2019 Best Newborn Photographers of Plano

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