Stacey, Chuck, Hudson, and Colton

Stacey and Chuck stay pretty busy these days with their two little boys, Hudson and Colton. ​Stacey and I have been friends for about a decade or so, and it's been so nice seeing us get married and now have little boys together. This is Hudson. He is FULL of energy! If I could channel his energy, I wouldn't need so much coffee in the mornings. And meet the newest addition to the family, Colton. These boys are too cute!

Kimberly, Adam, and Nicholas

Tonight, I met up with not one, but two families who had something in common--sons who are one years old, and babies due to be born soon. Meet the first of those families, the Hausers. I knew Kimberly looked familiar; she is friends with my good friend, Molly! Look how cute Kimberly and Adam's son, Nicholas, is! Nicholas loved the Fall leaves! It's a great thing that Nicholas is so stinking cute--because he's going to be a big brother soon! Thank you, Kimberly and Adam! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Meet the Stewarts

Meet Brandon and Heather, and their two adorable kids, Haydon and Braelyn. These Fall colors are amazing and they are going to look wonderful for their Christmas cards! Thank you, Heather and Brandon! I wish you the very best of holidays.

The Forseth Bunch

There was a story of this lovely lady, and her fellow, Who raised three girls of their own, They all had brown hair, like their mother, But their own little girls had hair of gold. And that's how they became the Forseth Bunch! Rolf and Donna, you have such beautiful daughters and a happy, friendly family. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Caroline and Jason

Meet Caroline and Jason, my good friends. Caroline and Jason are newlyweds who are bound together by a love of good beer, college football, and their kitties. Nothing is more fun than getting to take pictures of close friends--because they don't hold back with their wild and crazy ways! I'm wishing you guys a strong finish to the year 2016!

Jordan and Ryan

I was able to meet up with Jordan and Ryan....and aren't they the cutest?! Jordan is also a teacher here in Frisco, and she and Ryan have been married for four years. Ryan and Jordan make taking pictures look so easy! Jordan and Ryan could be models for my style guide blog. Just look at those neutral colors and his jacket. They look amazing! Jordan and Ryan, thank you for letting me take your pictures! I look forward to working with you guys again. :)

The Thompson Tribe

Nothing makes me more happy than getting to capture important moments of the lives of my friends and family. So I was thrilled to be able to snap a few photos of my best friend, Aimee, and the rest of her crew, Brian, Finn, and Maggie. Maggie poses so well! Next year, they're going to need to scoot over to make room for Thompson #5. Baby boy is due in April! Just a boy and his dog. I can't wait to take more pictures when the fifth Thompson arrives. I love you, Aimee!

Wagons, Bubbles, and Toy Trucks

This late afternoon, I got to meet this sweet little two-year-old boy, Rylan. Just look at his eyes! Look at them! Rylan loved playing in the leaves and dragging this Radio Flyer wagon around in the Fall atmosphere. After running around with the wagon, we stopped to play with some bubbles. And after bubbles, who doesn't like playing with a good toy truck? It was so great meeting Rylan today. I wish I had his energy! Thank you, Rachel, for bringing him out to play today!

Spit and Spit-curls

This week is kind of a big deal--because while it took me 41 weeks to bring Bauer Clark into this world, he has now been dazzling us for 41 weeks with his presence. This drool monster usually leaves a trail of spit wherever he scurries, and now that his hair is growing out, he has a spit-curl to match his Superman namesake.

Mallarie & Alex

Despite the gloomy weather during the day, we took a walk around a pond in Frisco with Mallarie and Alex's extremely photogenic dachshund, Minnie. Such easy smiles for these two! Awww, if only my dog, Delilah, were as well-mannered as this little girl. "Did you say 'treat'?" Thank you, Alex and Mallarie, for letting me take your pictures!

Amber's Senior Portraits

I had so much fun last night getting to know Amber and her mom, Angie, at the Shops at Legacy. This gorgeous high school senior has model qualities that made capturing her image a breeze! Congratulations on your senior year, Amber! Boomer!

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