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Senior Spokesmodel Tips for Success!    

The easiest way to get your friends on board with getting their senior photos taken with SBVA Snaps is to share your positive experience with them in an organic way. Here are my top tips and strategies almost guarantee that you’ll meet your 3 referral goal in no time at all—and surpass that goal!

Before your session this March or April:

  • Start talking to your friends and their parents NOW about how important it is to get senior pictures booked this Spring and Summer prior to their senior year, and suggest that they book SBVA Snaps. Most yearbook deadlines for senior photos are in October, and they’ll want to have your session before the end of September. Word of mouth is powerful! 

  • Your referrals can start to add up from the moment you sign your spokesmodel contract and pay the deposit , so you can earn your first referral before you ever even model a photo! Snag some business cards from SBVA Snaps and give them to anyone who seems interested. 

  • Parents, let other parents know about my easy, affordable packages that include high quality digital images and print release with lightning fast turnaround—they can read my reviews on that attest to it! Reach out to your friends from PTA, fellow moms on your senior's band, club, or organization. 


  • Seniors, plan your outfits and send your ideas to me if you want! I’m happy to help you and you can always refer to my style guide. Girls, I can hook you up with an awesome and affordable hair and/or makeup artist if you’re interested in getting a more polished look or want a trendy, Youtube-tutorial-worthy braided look.

You can also upload to to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and tag @sbvasnaps alongside the website so that you can make it easy for friends to find me. Note that you will need to “like” the Facebook page before it will allow you to tag my business on your own timeline. 

Stuck on captions you could include?

Here are some great captions that you can use for your social media account posts the evening of your session!

After the session:


  • Within a few days, SBVA Snaps will post a few watermarked sneak peeks from the session on Instagram and Facebook. This is a great opportunity for parents/seniors to not only tag themselves in the individual photos, but to use the “share” button on Facebook or "repost" on instagram so that your friends and family can see them on your own timelines.

  • Within a week, you’ll receive your web-sized, watermarked SBVA Snaps images to text or share on any social media platform so long as you accredit SBVA Snaps Photography with a tag and/or website.
    Then, you just let the magic happen! Ask your friends who they are using for a photographer and lead the way to SBVA Snaps.


  • Once you have your 3 confirmed and paid referrals, I’ll send over your ENTIRE album of high-res senior pic digital images….at least 40 of them! Without paying an additional dime.  I will always ask booking clients who referred them, so just be sure that they write down your name!

But wait!

The fun doesn’t stop there! The senior who has at least six referrals and more than any other SBVA Snaps spokemodel will earn a free family photo session that your family can use to capture your last moments together as a family while you’re still under their roof. That’s $225 worth of extra swag. Just for being awesome!

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