Fine Art Products

We'lll work together to create the highest quality pieces, designed for you to save now and pass down to the next generations. All products are printed by a professional photo lab, exclusive to photographers.

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Album Pricing and Options


12 x 12                    $500

Best for showcasing up to 30 photos

12x8                      $425

Best for showcasing 10-15 photos

9x6                      $225
Best for showcasing 10-12 photos


Each book is standard with the options listed above. Here are optional add ons: 

Image cover instead of fabric/leather          $50

Name embossing                                             $30

Each additional spread (2 pages)                  $25


Companion albums ordered in the same ratio are 70% of the original price.

How to Order

Please use the "favorites" option to mark the photos you would like included. Albums start with 10 pages across 5 spreads. Typically, small albums look best with one photo per page and large albums can accommodate 2-3 photos per page. Then, email me with the size, cover color and material, any additional options requested, and any notes for what you would like to see in the finished product or what photos you would like featured the most. I will design the mock-up of the album and record a video walking you through the album draft and send the invoice. Once the draft is approved and the invoice is paid, the album will be sent to the lab! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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