Did you know that the word "photography" comes from two greek roots? "Photo" means "light", and "graph" means draw. The literal meaning of the word means to "draw with light". Now isn't that beautiful?


Because lighting plays such a huge role in how beautiful the photographs will turn out, we try to schedule sessions in locations where the light is most even within an hour and a half of sunrise or sunset. Some locations have great lighting in the morning, and others have great lighting before sunset. I am always willing to try new locations with you, but these are tried and true!

Scroll through and click to enlarge the images taken at each location to get a feel for what you like.  Click images to enlarge and scroll through them.

Frisco Heritage Center

Located in historical downtown Frisco, the area contains a train caboose, metal building, and rustic exteriors combined with classic porches and a white barn door. There is also a small field with the sunset in the background, making this one of the only single locations with both an urban and field look. 

Frisco - outdoor open field

Located near downtown Frisco, this field is a wooded, trailed area with tall grass, dirt road, trees, and beautiful sunrise or sunset.


All pictures from an outdoorsy area are  used with this same location--the difference in coloring is the vegetation at that time of year. The trees are green between mid-April-October and more wooded in the off-season months. Flowers can be seen in April through June. The trees begin to turn and shed leaves in early October. Because of the seasons, the look of the field can vary greatly. 

Legacy West

Located in the new Legacy West area of Plano, this location has great light at many hours of the day and gives your photos a fun, urban feel if you're trying to break away of having more "woodsy" professional photos. There are shops, fountains, and blocks of white sidewalks. Photos can be taken in the morning or in the evening. 

Adriatica Village, McKinney

Located on the border of North Frisco and McKinney, Adriatica Village is an area with a lake, cobblestones, and tall Mediterranean buildings and bridges. This location is great for even year round lighting. 

*Location is not recommended on Saturdays in the Fall and Spring due to high school Homecoming and Prom individuals crowding the area. 

Frisco Square

Located in the heart of Frisco, the square offers bright pops of color in an urban setting, with a grassy area for some outdoorsy looks as well. 

Frisco Square is a great location for families with small children since it can be used within 3 hours of sunrise or sunset, so we can schedule better around children's sleep routines. Note: the twinkle lights in the background are usually only turned on within an hour and a half of sunset.