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A Worthless Excuse a Woman Makes to Avoid Maternity Photos | Sarah Van Alstyne | Frisco Photographer

When women watch TV and movies, they see actresses gracefully grow into a glowing pregnancy that (let's get real) is the actual size of a person at only 6 months of pregnancy before having a baby and then fitting into their size two jeans the day after birth.

With my first pregnancy, I grew. And I grew. And when I thought I couldn't get larger, I grew. Until at 41 weeks of pregnancy, I finally gave birth. And guess what? That pregnant looking belly? It stuck around for a bit longer. That was fun. That's real life!

Now, with my second pregnancy, I am losing track of my weeks, the time is flying, and I am a photographer who is so busy helping others document their pregnancies and births that I am making the most worthless excuse for not taking my own maternity photos.

My weight.

I meant to take photos. I bought a dress. I have a studio. But I still had this WORTHLESS excuse.

I was even talking to my dear friend Belinda, who is also a photographer, and she had to shake me out of my funk.

I know some of you mamas have made the same excuses. You let your pregnancies slip away undocumented.

So I went home that day. I touched up my makeup. I recurled my hair. Dug the dress I had purchased from my closet .I set up my studio lights. And I asked Matt to help me take some photos.

Matt did a great job! When I looked at the back of my camera, I felt relief.

And look at what I can show our children now when they are older?

maternity photo

They don't see how self conscious I was.

They don't see weight.

They see how I carried them inside safely.

And they see that I took the time to document their pending arrival.

If you are pregnant, please don't make that worthless excuse. Document your journey. Embrace the body that is bringing life into the world.


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