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Gabby | Senior Photos at the Frisco Heritage Museum

Gabby Houser : Wakeland High School 2020 Senior Street Team Member

Describe your outfit inspo:

G: My outfits were pretty low maintenance because I knew I wanted to be comfortable and make as few outfit changes as possible.

What are 3 things on your life's bucket list?

G: I just want to experience the world and as many cultures as possible.

What are 3 things on your senior year bucket list?

G: I don't have a bucket list per say...but I want participate in as many events my senior year as possible.

What will you remember most about your senior photo session?

G: Finding a dead rat was pretty memorable!

S: I had stepped backwards and there it was--right under my shoe!

How has your experience with Blushbar been?

G: I really enjoyed being able to relax knowing I wouldn't have to worry about my hair or makeup for the photo shoot.


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