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What to wear for family photos | Style Guide | Frisco Family Photographer

what to wear for family photos

large family poses


Do you remember back in the day when everyone in your family prepared for their family photo by matching your solid black shirts or solid white shirts? While it can be easier to tell your family all to wear black or white, it can leave the photo feeling unnatural. Here are 4 tips for group family photo outfits:

  1. Choose neutral colors that compliment each other and blend those combinations. Stick to about 4 colors.

  2. Patterns or stripes look great if one person in your group is wearing a one that pops! But if everyone in the group is wearing a different pattern or stripe, it can look a busy and distracting. Limit patterns to one person's outfit or dress.

  3. Dress for the season, not the weather app. I know this is hard to do in Texas when it is perpetually warm, but you'll want your outfit to look like it matches in the surroundings of the photo.

  4. Lay the outfits out together before everyone gets dressed. Does any outfit stand out like a sore thumb? The goal is to blend naturally without matching too much.


  • What to wear: Dress in something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. For family photos, I would plan this outfit first, and then work the other family members' outfits around it. If you've been itching to wear something soft and floral, this is the time to start there and build around it for your family photos. If you wear a dress, consider the possibility that a shorter skirt may limit seated posing options. Longer skirts and maxi dresses will work fine, though! Some of my favorite outfits come from Target, Old Navy, Gap, or My ALL TIME favorite skirt for ladies to wear is "THE SKIRT" from Amazon. This skirt is praised in photography circles because it looks great on everyone. I wore it last year for photos, and I bought it in a new color for this year's photos. It's flattering, flows well when you move, and hides bumps well especially after just having a baby. ;) Melansay Skirt from Amazon Prime

Getting ready for this years' family photos!

  • Accessorize your outfit with a scarf, earrings, or statement necklace that adds dimension and a pop of color. A simple, solid shirt or dress can come to life with a little something layered on top. With a scarf or sweater, you can easily take them off in the middle of the shoot to give a different look as well.

  • Nails: Take time to touch up your nails in case they become subject of a close up!


  • *No shirt, no shoes, no service (Unless you are posing for your Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" ​​meme). But seriously...

  • Tops: Men look great in something that either has a collar or something layered such as a sweater or vest over another shirt. My husband prefers a crisp dress shirt with rolled sleeves for comfort. Another option could be a tan/navy/grey, fitted casual blazer because it will square the shoulders.

  • Bottoms: Long pants or jeans that aren't wrinkled.

  • Shoes: closed toe brown or black dress shoes with solid colored, dark socks in case ankles make an appearance. I've seen men wear their white athletic socks and they stand out when they accidentally show.

  • Avoid T-shirts. Especially ones featuring wolves, unicorns, lettering, cats, or a giant Under Armour "X".


  • Let them be comfortable, but this is also the time to bring out the outfit you snagged at Carters, Target, or Gymboree that has been sitting in the closet because you are afraid of getting it messed up.

  • Little girls look adorable in slip dresses and little boys always look adorable in bow ties or suspenders.

So there you have it! Some of the best tips for coordinating outfits. You want to coordinate without looking identical.

Have you booked your Fall family photos yet?


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