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2021 Seniors Are Graduating!

Summer is almost here, and I'm wrapping up senior portraits for the Frisco Class of 2021.

I am terrible about updating my blog as I get bogged down in editing sessions and working with rain reschedules.

Did you know in the Dallas area, May actually has much more rain than April? May showers bring....June hotness and dry weather. The second highest rainfall occurs in October when a lot of families are wanting to schedule family photos. Such is our luck!

When people ask me the best time of year to take photos, I always say early June and September are my favorite. In June, we have greens in full force and all the dry Texas landscape is full of life. And in September, the weather has cooled and the trees aren't bare.

Anyways - Here's a photo dump of what I've been up to! Talk to you soon!


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