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When Is the Best Time of Year for Photos in DFW?

If we are talking about weather and nature, when is the best time to have your picture taken?

Part of my job as a photographer is to know what the weather is doing and how the weather impacts the amount of greenery and other plantlife that makes up the picture's background.

Many people might think it's best just to schedule photos around their family's regular schedule or just to take them when they need an annual holiday card. If this is you--you might be selling yourself short on the best time of year to take photos.

First, let's talk about what I consider reschedule-worthy inclement weather for photos.

Inclement Weather for Photography

I offer reschedules for inclement weather in cases of:

  1. winds above 17mph When the wind is this crazy, so is the hair.

  2. temperatures below 50°. At this point, your nose and cheeks are red.

  3. extreme cloud cover resulting in dim lighting. I like the sun! Without it, your eyes will become black dots instead of sparkling.

  4. rain. There are a lot of photographers out there who shoot in the rain! It's just not my style and I like to keep my equipment dry.

  5. extreme heat advisories of 98° or higher. Since I take pictures in open shaded areas, it will feel much cooler than the actual temperature in direct sunlight. But when those temps creep up past 100° or heave heat indexes that skyrocket, I always allow the client to choose whether they want to proceed. Heat stroke is no joke!

Monthly Observations

In DFW, it is nice and green outside from mid-April to mid-July. That said, it's also scorching hot in July and August!

Here are some of my observations over the years of doing photos in this area. The images below each month give you a good idea of the setting.


  • Average evening temperature 40-60°

  • Plantlife: Grass is in hibernation, bare trees


  • Unpredictable evening temperatures from 10-70°

  • Plantlife: Grass is in hibernation, bare trees

  • Early February has been known for its extreme Freezes.


  • Average evening temperature 60-80°

  • Plantlife: Yellow/hibernation until the last week of March when specks of green will begin to show. \


  • Average evening temperature 60-85°

  • Plantlife: By the second week in April, trees will start to bloom and greenery will begin to return.

  • April can be known for its strong breezes.


  • Average evening temperature 75-90°

  • Plantlife: The best foliage of the year with lush green grass and wildflowers in bloom at the end of the month.

  • One of the rainiest months, so we may have a reschedule to a non-rainy day.


  • Average evening temperature 85-100°. Temps are still tolerable in the shade.

  • Plantlife: Green grass and green trees.


  • Average evening temperature 90-102°. Reschedules are offered if the heat index is above 100°.

  • Plantlife: Trees are still full. The grass is hanging onto the green, but it will begin to yellow in spots in the middle of July due to the heat.


  • Average evening temperature 85-95°

  • Trees: Still full. Grass color: Hibernating in spots lacking irrigation.


  • Average evening temperature 85-95°

  • Trees: Still full. Grass color: Yellow/hibernation


  • Average evening temperature 90s at the start of the month and 70s at the end of the month.

  • October is a rainy month.

  • Trees: Full at the start of the month but will begin turning/shedding at the end of the month. Grass color: Yellow/hibernation


  • Average evening temperature 70s°

  • Grass color: Yellow/hibernation; Trees will shed their leaves the first week of November. Trees will be bare by mid-November.


  • Closed for the holidays.

The Solution

Choose a location best fitting the weather of the time. If you know you want photos in a time of year that doesn't have grass and trees that thrive, consider an urban area where you don't depend on the vegetation for a background. Urban areas tend of have greenery that is maintained for a year-round appearance.


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