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3 Tips: How to Coordinate Outfits Without Matching

1. Avoid Patterns

Solid colors will draw the eye to your face instead of your clothing. Plus, you never know when a pattern will go out of style!

2. Choose a Color Scheme

For me, I love rich jewel tones. So I chose this color scheme to coordinate outfits. You want a scheme that allows every person in the family to focus on a different color.

3. Each person pick a different color from the pattern

Since we had 5 people in our family photo, we needed at least 5 different pops of color from the pattern. In this case, we had magenta, olive, navy, burgundy, and burnt orange.

Here is my most recent family photo. You'll notice nobody is wearing a pattern, and even though we are still wearing denim, grey, or black in our outfits, each of us is wearing a pop of color from the scheme. My mother in law is wearing magenta, Walt is wearing olive green, Bauer is wearing burnt orange, Matt is wearing blue, and I'm wearing burgundy. It works! We don't look at the photo and think, "Oh, everyone is matching."

Photo credit to the amazing Cindy Arthur Photography & Design in Frisco, TX.


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