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Fun with the Feredays

The weather was perfect yesterday! The leaves are falling, and those fall clothes are finally comfortable with the 80 degree weather long gone (for now) in North Texas.

Yesterday, I was able to meet the Feredays at the Legacy Trails for a bit. Meet Alyssa, Teagun, Henleigh, and Todd.

I was connected to this adorable family through my friend Catie, and they were an absolute delight to get to know.

I am loving these mama's boy and daddy's little girl shots!

Henleigh and Teagun, could you possibly be any more photogenic? And can your eyes be any more blue?!

No. The answer is no.

So much love and laughter shines through this family! I will leave you with this last romantic shot-- Teagun and Henleigh approved!

Thank you, Feredays, for coming out!

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