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A Gift Between the Holidays

As a mom of one tiny human, I know how crazy my calendar can fill up, and getting everything organized for the holidays is like trying to solve a rubix cube without cheating and peeling all of the stickers off. I'm sure my holiday craziness isn't nearly what this precious baby's mom, Julie, was feeling because she has not one, but TWO, tiny humans to herd and just gave birth to her third son, Owen. She actually contacted me from the hospital where she casually quipped, "We are having our third son today, and need some photos for the holidays." Woman after my own heart.

Meet Owen. This sweet, seven pound bundle arrived a few days after Thanksgiving on November 28.

He was a total trooper and slept the whole time while we played dress up with him, his brothers Luke and Carson helped hand me equipment, his dad, Brent, cheered for his football team, and I clicked away. He even let us get a little festive.

In chatting, I even discovered that this family is from my hometown, Amarillo, and that Brent graduated from both of my alma maters. AHS! Blow sand, blow! and Go WTAMU Buffs! He also went to OU though, so we had to sneak in this Sooner pic.

Julie, your family is absolutely adorable. You have four wonderful men in your life and I wish you all of the blessings for this holiday season!

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