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3 Reasons Why New Parents Need a Fresh 48 Photo Session

fresh 48 photography

Fresh 48 sessions are relatively new in the photography world. Unlike birth photography where the camera is there to capture the actual birth, a Fresh 48 session helps new parents remember their baby's first couple of days in the hospital before being released home. First yawns. First cries. First snuggles. All of the memories you want to cherish while preserving the modesty of the mother, usually taken the day after the baby's birth. Sessions last from 30 minutes to one hour.

This little model Sawyer will illustrate 3 reasons why Fresh 48 photos are the next best thing to add to your baby's album in addition to their traditional newborn photos.

1. Those precious moments in the hospital are easily forgotten.

baby yawn

That sleepless time spent in the hospital is a blur of feedings and snuggles with the new baby. It's a time that parents spend in awe of their creations, and before you know it, the nurses are wheeling you out into your car where you're spit out into the great big world with your precious cargo. You don't want to forget those first safe moments.

fresh 48

2. Details, details, details

When I look at pictures of my son in the hospital in his first couple of days of life, I keep saying, "Oh, my--I CAN'T BELIEVE HE WAS THAT LITTLE! Look at those toes! Look at his little face!" You're going to want to have great pictures of these details so you never forget.

3. Cell phones won't cut it.

You'll take a million photos with your phone to help you remember these moments, but they are rarely as frame worthy as a professional photo, and the resolution is too low to enlarge. Allowing me to visit the hospital while you're there frees you from the burden of feeling you must document every moment; I'll do it for you!


Congratulations, Dominguez Family!

If you know of someone who will have a baby soon, I would love to chat with them about capturing memories of their child's first full day of life.


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