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Newborn session from snap to send (behind the scenes editing before and after!)

Lately, with the cooler weather and the passing of Christmas card season, I've had more opportunity to take pictures of some of the cutest, snuggliest, sweetest subjects of all: babies.

In this blog, I want to explain the basics of what goes on in a newborn session as well as what happens after I take the images from my camera and curate them for galleries.

newborn photo editing before and after

When I take newborn photos, I use a combination of natural light and studio lighting to achieve a bright and airy look that captures my style.

In my studio, I use an Alien Bee strobe light with a 7 foot tall Parabolic Light Modifier umbrella system to create even, soft light on skintones.

The Session

Once parents arrive, I give the mother time to feed the baby if she hasn't already. The entire session will last at least an hour and a half to 2 hours, and since newborn babies eat every two to three hours, this helps get the baby nice and milk-drunk so that we can move him around like the teenagers in Weekend at Bernie's without disturbing him.

During a session, I like to take as many pictures as possible from three different set ups. It takes approximately 30 minutes per set up, pictures, and transition into the new set up.

A common misconception is that newborn photos happen quickly. Sometimes, it takes up to an hour to settle a baby into a sleep for their portraits.

1. Family and newborn photos

2. Wrapped and in an open basket

3. Wreath or bed props

4. Naked baby on a blanket stretched over bean bag.

Newborn Family Photo Session

Some parents choose to be photographed with their baby as well. These photos are the family's chance to have great family photos for the first time together.

frisco newborn photographer family

After the family leaves, the editing fun begins!

Editing Newborn Photos

I have a secret, guys. Editing baby portraits is hard. Those sweet newborn babies are so cute. But what people don't tell you until you've had a newborn is that their skin is adapting to this new, open world. Sometimes babies are still getting their coloring, they can get 'baby acne', or have dry skin. It's all completely normal!

The left is the picture as it comes straight out of my camera, unedited. My process of editing newborn skin includes removing dry skin, baby scratches from their delicate fingernails, and red splotches.

Wrap Up

So there you have it! From start to finish, a newborn photography session and editing can take a cumulative 6-8 hours from snap to send.

Do you know anyone who would be interested in booking a newborn session? I would love to reach out to them!

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