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Love me, you must. Hug me, you will.

On April 8, my best friend, Aimee, had her baby.

If you take the time to get to know Aimee, you'll find that she loves comic books, cartoons, Sci-fi, and even more than those things--she loves babies. When my son was sick last year and I had no more work days to miss, she was the first to volunteer for sick-Bauer snuggles. Aimee was born to be a mom, and that's why nothing makes me happier to see Brady Brian Yu Thompson enter this world!

Lately, I've been evolving to do more minimalism newborn photography--neutral colors and bright clean light. Something that you can hang in your home as a piece of art.

But you also can't resist a cute Yoda outfit! Just look at this guy! Er....ahem, "This guy, look at him, you will." Brady has eyelashes so long you can count them from a foot away.

Thank you, Brady, for brightening up our lives. May the force be with you during this new chapter of your lives!


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