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Matilda Jane, Joanna Gaines, and other names


Meet Maggie! She introduced me to the world of Matilda Jane clothing.

Here you can see her wearing her "delicate topiary top".

At first, I thought Matilda Jane clothing was just for little girls. Little did I know how many other things they had to offer, too. And on top of that, Joanna Gaines, the mothership of all that is holy in my decorating world, has her own line within Matilda Jane for women. Hold up! What?!

MJ has cute tops, tunics, cardigans, and dresses that are figure flattering and have a unique style.

You can see the entire collection for purchase on Maggie's website here.

Maggie's daughter came to my studio to model some of the newest little girls' dresses from the April collection.

The new wave of clothing shopping is online and direct sales. It's a sure-fire way to be sure you own something uniquely yours. Contact Maggie to set up your own Matilda Jane party where you can see some of these things in person, and you can dress your little girl in something so pretty that you'll want to take pictures!

Here are ways to contact Maggie about purchasing from Matilda Jane: email or

her shop her website at

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