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DIY: How to make newborn headbands for less than $1

newborn headbands

When one of my friends learned that she was pregnant with a baby girl, one of the first things she did was go out and buy every hair bow or headband flower that she could find to accessorize her future daughter's outfits. But one thing new moms forget is how tiny the baby's head is for the first few months and none of those new hair bows fit. Here's how I made 9 baby headbands for $6 plus tax--and it only took me about 20 minutes. As a newborn photographer, I am so excited to use these on the baby girls who I'll photograph. I'll have to update with some newborn photos with these in use! These would make a great baby shower gift for a baby girl as well.


  • scrapbooking flowers from Hobby Lobby--they were on sale! $5

  • 2 pairs of women's knee high hosiery from Walmart-nude and white--$0.97 each

  • hot glue sticks/glue gun

Step 1:

DIY newborn headband

Take the knee highs out and lay each one flat. Use a pair of scissors to cut the knee highs about 2 inches wide. The picture shows them about 4 inches wide....I cut them once more.

Step 2:

Take the cut strip of knee high and roll the cut ends to make a loop. Voila! This is the headband.

Don't worry about the headband looking small. An average newborn's head is about 13" around, and this thing will stretch around my giant 15-month-old's 18" head. He was really excited about making these headbands with me.

Step 3

Roll the strip of nylon onto a glass. This will help you glue the flowers on and help the headband maintain shape. Any glue that gets stuck to the glass will peel right off when it dries.

DIY newborn headband

Step 4

Glue on the flowers. And, presto! You're done! I was able to make 9 headbands and spent about $7 after tax. Take a look at these!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Share it and save it to your pinterest for later using the button below.

I will post an update once I have some newborn photos with these in action! --SBVA

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