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7 things your photographer wants you to know (but won't tell you) - Frisco photographer

1. Your photographer is willing to help with your clothing choices

Okay. Honesty time. Photographers want you to ask them what to wear. Some clothing can look better in person than in film, and some clothing looks better in photos than in real life. In real life, black is slimming. In photographs, it can make the image darker. Next time you're watching a tv show, I want you to pay attention to the characters' clothing (of course, this must be a modern, realistic TV show because Game of Thrones or Handmaid's Tale might throw off this test) and you'll notice that everyone wears solid colors. Unless the character is Sheldon Cooper, you'll see light, neutral solid colors and rarely will you see a busy plaid or polka dot. I want to help people look their best, and I'm even willing to give advice.

2. "A really nice camera" isn't what makes a photographer's work great

Did you ever hear of a person getting a new knife and cooking better? Or person getting a new paintbrush and becoming an artist? Any person who just bought their first DSLR on will tell you that a camera won't give you professional looking photos. It takes a long time to turn a camera into an extension of your creative mind. There are a few things a photographer must manipulate during every session: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, composition, exposure, focal points, depth of field, flash sync, metering, noise, and white balance just to name a few--all of which may have to change in the middle of a session as soon as the sun moves. More expensive professional cameras extend a photographer's ability to manipulate these things, but they don't make it easier.

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3. Your photographer spends more time behind a computer screen than they do taking your photos.

I wish my clients understood is that I spend hours reliving every session, frame by frame, and editing every detail until I feel it is just right. The reason photography is such an expensive luxury is because it takes hours of time to curate these images.

4. Your photographer gets butterflies

I know how important your family's photos are to you. And I care just as much as you do that you love them. Which is why the day a photographer doesn't get nervous before a session is a dangerous one--because they could care a little less.

5. Your photographer craves your feedback

As soon as I deliver your album, I'm hoping you'll tell me how you feel. I want to know what you love and what you wish was different. I want you to walk away feeling 100% thrilled with your session.

6. Your photographer is praying you'll be in a great mood for your photography session.

Some of the absolute best photos are of people with unforced smiles. And a natural smile is hard to come by if you aren't in the right mood from the get-go. So when I am setting up for my session, I send up a little prayer that you'll arrive ready to hear my corny jokes or eager to tickle a family member.

7. Mama, you aren't alone. Most small children hate photo sessions

I wish I could record the pinched, embarrassed smiles of mothers when we are in the middle of a photography session and their three year old wants to run in the opposite direction or hide behind the legs of a sibling instead of "smile". No matter how many times you ask the child to "say cheese", no level of bribery will sound appealing enough to garner a grin. Sweet mama, it's okay, and you aren't alone! I will do my best to bust out the bubbles, my red wagon, and be patient with your babies until they are ready. Just check out my own son below!


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