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And the best family photo goes to...

The Dominguez family; party of five! Even Braden knew to hold up all five fingers for the photo.

I'll get to the hilarious family-photos-in-the-making in a minute, but first I want to introduce you to Kristen, Charlie, and their four boys. Kristen saw the Fresh 48 and newborn photos that I took for my friend, Molly, in January, and she contacted me about setting up her own sessions for her fourth boy. Recently, Kristen and Raul delivered their fourth son, and I was able to visit the hospital to take some pictures of that precious arrival.

The day after baby Sawyer arrived, I was able to visit Kristen and Raul at the hospital to meet their son for the first time and to take some photos.

One week later, yesterday, the Dominguez family came to my studio so that Sawyer could have his first studio photo session. I know the following about baby Sawyer: he is a great eater, he loves a good swaddle, and he looks stinking cute surrounded by magnolia leaves.

frisco newborn photographer

When I have newborn sessions where the family joins, I typically have the siblings arrive an hour later than the baby so that they don't get too bored. Raul swooped in after Sawyer's solo pics with all three brothers ready for some modeling action after a morning of playing in the rainstorm.

And when it came time to do whole family portraits, these boys created some FANTASTIC pictures for them to look back on when they become adults. Kristen, I hope you are keeping these for their future spouses!

funny family photo

Do you remember #7 from this post?

funny family photo

Braden even took a minute to play airplane around the room to better prepare his smile!

two year old

When I was looking through our photos from the session later, I had to send Kristen a message to look at that first one because it was making me laugh out loud. And then, she told me she almost spit out her banana looking at the picture--so it's gotta be a keeper, right? Right.

In the end, I used some photoshop magic to blend these two photos together. Do you see what I did?


= Voila!

Thank you so much for letting me snuggle Sawyer twice and for allowing me to laugh with your family during this special time in your life! I am really looking forward to seeing your family grow together!


Sarah Beth

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