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What people forget from their hospital delivery bag checklists - [Welcome baby Harrison]

Fresh 48 family

Meet the Pugh family! I will introduce you to them in a moment.

But first, I want to talk about the thing that Pinterest doesn't tell you to pack for your hospital stay after you give birth.

When I was pregnant with my son, I scoured Pinterest for every single thing that I could stuff into my hospital bag. I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to have everything I needed to bring my precious bundle into the world. You envision your hospital stay going perfectly, and want to be ready for it all.

Pinterest will give you over a thousand checklists. Just look at this screenshot:

Little did I know that by the time I actually got to the hospital when my son came into the world, I was just as happy to have a hair tie, a pair of stretchy pants, and my cell phone and the rest stayed in my bag.

So what is the one thing that people forget to pack for their stay?

Let me tell you:

A photographer.

Technically, I know that it is impossible to fit me into your hospital bag, but is it on your checklist?

Now, my friends, the Pugh family, didn't forget. I've known Ashley and Colin for almost five years, and we used to play kickball together. Ashley and Colin were married and had their first son, Connor, two years ago. Then, on Friday, they welcomed their second son, Harrison. Harrison is the kind of baby you just want to snuggle at 9.5 pounds!

To any soon-to-be-parents and soon-to-be-parents-again, I have a few questions.

Here they are:

1. Will you have pictures holding your baby in the hospital room where you brought them to this world?

Fresh 48 photography
father baby fresh 48

2. Are you going to have photographs to remember the first time your children met each other?

3. Are you going to have photos to remember just how tiny your baby's hand was when it grasped your finger for the first time?

baby hands

4. Are you going to remember how it seemed impossible for your love to be contained in the tiny hospital room?

5. Are you going to remember how your baby's heartbeat synced with yours when you snuggled heart to heart?

6. Will you have photographs that capture the very first facial expressions of your child?

I really hope so. And I'm guessing you do too. So Pinterest, you're forgetting something huge on all of those checklists! I'm so glad Ashley and Colin didn't forget and that I could help them cement these memories into their family's albums.

You can learn more about my Fresh 48 photography sessions.

Colin and Ashley, thank you so much for allowing me into your special time yesterday. It was a joy to help you capture some of your memories.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Sarah Beth

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