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Getting Photos of Your Business - LuLaRoe Airstream Mobile Boutique

In the past several years, social media has become one of the best places to advertise, and with that, it has become a platform for work-from-homers to build their own businesses through direct sales. Many small businesses that thrive on the social media advertising aspects of their businesses rely on one thing:

Here it is.

Great pictures that sell.

I was able to check in with one of my favorite small business owners, Sara, a consultant for LuLaRoe. Check out Sara Shalvey's 31 foot, amazing, Airstream LuLaRoe boutique--complete with dressing room!

My family lives east of Dallas in Forney, and one day my mom stumbled upon Sara Shalvey's LuLaRoe booth. They became instant friends and connected on facebook that day. Being a huge Lula fan myself, I went to one of Sara's popups to see her huge rooms full of unique and flattering clothing.

I love LuLaRoe clothing for work or for casual wear because it is figure-flattering and so comfortable. You should check out Sara's LuLaMobile to see where it is landing next or to set up a pop up of your own.

So if you have a small business, listen up.

The most successful direct sales entrepreneurs are able to brand themselves and set themselves apart from others through their relationships, professionalism, and--let's be real, folks--their appearance on social media. Contact me to chat about how we can customize a photography session for your direct sales business.

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