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Capturing a fighter's heart - Frisco lifestyle photographer

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Charlotte Jo Hill was born a fighter. She had no choice. Born barely over 2 pounds and at almost four months early, she and her family fought to bring her safely into this world and become the first daughter to Mark and Erica, and the first sister to Evan and Dylan to make up the Hill party of five.

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Last month, I took photos of Charlotte's best friend's birthday party with the Meanors, and I was excited to be invited into the Hill home for Charlotte's very first professional portraits. Lifestyle photography is a fantastic way for me to capture the interactions of Charlotte, her brothers, and her parents. Lifestyle photography tells a story. And I'm thrilled to share part of that story with you today.

Here, you'll see the precious bond between Dylan and Charlotte. Throughout the session, Dylan could be seen snuggling her, holding her hand, and kissing her. It's almost too much cute to be captured. Almost.

While Charlotte was in the hospital, she had this lovie--its purpose for Erica to wear it on her skin and transfer it to Charlotte while she was in NICU. Even today, it holds a special place for the family.

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Another part of Charlotte's story is the book "The Secret Garden"; Erica read it to her during their fight to bring her home, and it is still a part of the nursery.

I'm so happy for the love that Charlotte has brought into the Hill family home, and I am so happy to have been their lifestyle photographer for Charlotte's very first photo shoot!

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