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3 simple hacks to make male posing easier | Senior Boy Poses

How to help male high school seniors pose

Towards the end of summer, as families gear up for the new school year, high school seniors approach the task of taking their senior photos. And for a teenage boy, this can be a daunting task.

Immediately, many male high school seniors could be thinking, “Photos? Alone? An entire session? What do I do?!”

Here are 3 quick and easy male senior posing tips that can ease the mind of any guy who is gearing up for their solo photo session.

Are you ready?

Here we go.

3. “If it bends, bend it!”

This is a tried and true rule. Sometimes you may look at a photo and wonder why the person looks awkward. Look at their limbs. Are they straight or hanging with no purpose?

Each time I begin a senior photo session with a senior boy, I always instruct them to never let their arms dangle. I tell my senior boys to do one of the following with their hands:

  • find a way to bend elbows by tucking a thumb into a pocket

  • holding a railing, post, or object

  • leaning against an object or knees

  • folding your arm

After they have done one of these four things, just check for finger placement so that the whole hand has not disappeared. Sometimes, when a guy crosses their arms or tucks a hand into a pocket, you can lose sight of the whole hand, so it is important to leave some fingers exposed.

Here are a few examples:

senior boy pose
senior boy poses with football
high school senior photo in library

Thumbs tucked, but hands are showing:

2. Asymmetry: Create levels

When sitting, try to prop one foot higher than the other to create different levels.

Not only does it help with posture, but it just looks more comfortable and natural.

centennial high school football senior photo

high school senior boy poses
senior boy pose

1. Broaden shoulders and bring the chin forward

Not that ALL teens slouch, but a good number of them do!

Tell seniors to pull their shoulders up and back to create a broadness—especially if their arms are crossed.

Then, bring their chin out a bit to accentuate the jawline. They may feel like a turtle, but that's okay! Even take the time to let them look at your face normally and then look at your face with a concerted effort to "move your ears forward". They will notice the accentuation of the jawline, and they'll buy into doing the same.

So let's put it all together.

Want to know a few of the easiest poses?

Here they are:

  • crossed arms and lean against a wall

  • thumbs in pockets with wide stance

  • sitting on steps with feet on different levels

  • leaning down on an object

  • sitting with staggered knee heights

Want to know more about my senior sessions? I would love to hear from you!


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