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SBVA Snaps 2017 in Review

I have some numbers for you!

  • 2017

  • 91 sessions.

  • Thousands of smiles.

  • 84 families that I've been able to help capture memories--84 families and 91 sessions because some of these families have revisited me and allowed me to see their children grow.

  • 1 new camera, 3 new lenses, and a myriad of other equipment purchases.

I love photography. I love that I've seen so many babies on their first days of life and been able to see those babies grow to natural smilers and sitters.

I love that I've been able to share laughs with families that I never would have been able to meet otherwise.

I LOVE high school seniors, their senses of humor, and helping them make the pictures that will forever mark the before and after of adulthood.

2017 has been so kind to SBVA Snaps, and I am looking forward to a new 2018!



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