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3 essentials for a newborn baby girl's first photo shoot (just look!) | SBVA Snaps Photography N

Twin newborn girls

When Sindya contacted me a couple of months ago and let me know that she would be having twin girls this January, I became very excited. I love working with baby girls. The sweet colors, the flowers, the headbands, and the pouty lips are to die for.


Before their arrival to the studio, I pulled some of my favorite girl colors and backdrops, and the three things these girls would need:

1. The right colors:

Before each session, I pull colors that range from classy neutral to feminine. Creams, soft pinks, purples, and certain shades of blue are always beautiful.

2. Headbands of course!

Baby girls look adorable without any headbands, but I have an assortment of floral and crown headbands to adorn any beautiful baby girl's head

3. Baby smiles:

Now this one can be hit and miss with babies, but I love it when I can catch a newborn baby smiling! Babies usually don't smile on command until 6 weeks old, but just look at how she is rocking her first photo session with these grins?!

It was a pleasure working with these three week old baby girls!

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