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SBVA Snaps Studio Remodel

newborn studio pullback

When we were house shopping last year, one of my biggest desires was to have a home with a large, designated area in the downstairs to use as my studio space. I needed a few things, wonderful natural light, shelving, and room to move around.

newborn home studio

To an average Joe, this used to look like a study and a formal dining room. By the way...who formally dines anymore? The heart of our dinnertime meals usually take place at our eat-in kitchen table. One request that Matt made is that he was able to build room partitions with curtains, which actually works perfectly for holding in warm air for my newborn studio sessions. Those sweet little babes need it to be cozy so they can move around sleepily while unswaddled.

Just look at that window light next to my desk! If you've seen my lifestyle photos, you know I am a sucker for natural window light. The word "photography" means to draw with light. I love it.

The room gives me plenty of space to hang my wraps and place my headbands and knick knacks.

And here is the full view!

Matt has his man cave in the media room, and now SBVA Snaps has a great studio space for me to do what I love. I'm looking forward to having you join me there!


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