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3 Steps to Nailing Your Senior Photo Session | Belle's Senior Session | Frisco Senior Photograph

I'm just going to put this out there. I've never said this before. You can go ahead and read all of my other blog posts if you want to cross check me.

Here it is.

Frisco Senior Photos at Babes

I'm OBSESSED with this senior session. Belle showed up prepared and ready to rock her double location senior photo shoot. We started off at Frisco Heritage Center in the morning and ended with a local field in the evening at sunset.

There were several reasons this session went so well for her.

I guess I should preface this with the fact that this post is mainly for senior girls and ladies everywhere getting photos taken. If you're a senior girl and going to be taking your senior photos soon, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Frisco senior photo closeup


Even if you don't normally go all out for makeup, consider pampering yourself on this one day! Having your makeup done professionally is something that can take your pictures from good to great. It makes a huge difference when you have close ups! Belle is actually a makeup expert and did her own, but If you need a makeup artist recommendation, I have recommendations for you.

Senior photo makeup

blowing dandelion photo


With the double location senior photo shoot, Belle had plenty of time to plan and wear multiple outfits that complimented her style and gave her gallery a variety. She said her favorite place to shop for outfits was Forever 21 -- and I can't fault her for shopping there. Look how cute she was!

Frisco Heritage Center Senior Photos

Frisco senior photo

Arizona Razorback senior photo

Frisco heritage center senior photo

frisco sunset photos


With the double location sessions, I provide a list of spots to choose from, and seniors choose the spots that best represent their style. For Belle, she wanted the unique walls and backgrounds that Frisco Heritage Center offered--without the "train stuff". And lastly, she wanted some photos in the outdoors field area to display her artsy side. Mission accomplished!

Check out a few more of the highlights from Belle's session, and a couple of photos that she took with her beautiful mom, Lorien.

Congratulations, Belle! I am pumped for you to be a Razorback next year, and I'm looking forward to taking more photos for your family.

Contact me to learn more about my senior photo sessions.



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