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Meet Anna! She is a high school junior in Frisco, and just a mere 5 years ago, I was her 7th grade Language Arts teacher and her mom, Jodie, was a data clerk at the campus. Can you believe she will be a senior next year?

Anna is made up of equal parts heart, smiles, and eyes.

Can you say gorgeous?

Five years ago, each morning, I would get my coffee and joke around with Anna's mom, Jodie, in the office before the day began. And then, my first class was always filled with her beautiful daughter, Anna. Anna's class was one of my favorite classes ever. It was mostly filled with girls who hold a special place for me to this day.

One of the first things I knew about Anna was that her smile was always genuine, and her heart was always kind to every other person in the room. I noticed that when teens could get snarky, she separated from it. I can only hope that my sons' teachers are able to say the same for them when they are older.

These are just some of the few reasons that I was thrilled that Anna had applied to be a senior spokesmodel for SBVA Snaps Photography.

I always have such fun with the Pentaks, and I'm glad I was able to make some final wishes under the sunset with them this weekend. I love you guys so much, Anna and Jodie!

With all my love,

Sarah Van Alstyne

Do you know someone who will be a senior in the Fall? Freeze their memories in fine art, capture them put them on canvas, and hang these moments in your home.

SBVA Snaps Photography is a fine art photography service offering high-end print and digital products. Contact me today to set up your session and let me know if Jodie sent you!

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Sarah Beth Van Alstyne is an award-winning photographer specializing in family and high school senior photography in Frisco, Texas and surrounding cities.