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Do you need a custom t-shirt? | Frisco Photographer

One of the things that families quickly notice about me when I'm doing photography sessions--whether it is for family photography or for newborn photos--is that taking photos is a WORKOUT!

How is taking photos a workout?

I'm squatting, getting on the ground, rolling in dirt, or for newborn photo sessions, I'm holed up in an 80 degree room and bouncing to the sounds of my own shushing for 2 hours.

So you can see why I don't "dress up" for these sessions. So I wanted to get some custom logo t shirts to balance out my "workout" look for its intended purpose. I sent a quick search out to Frisco Area Business Moms on Facebook and I found a local shirt maker, Amanda McKown with Ains and Andy Designs.

She made my custom logo shirts within a couple of days, and now I'm set! Each shirt was only $18, and all I had to do was send in my size and a picture of my logo. Easy enough!

If you are looking for a custom shirt, check out her Etsy or her Facebook page here:

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