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Bennett | Senior Spokesmodel | Frisco Senior Photos

Bennett is my male spokesmodel for the Reedy High School graduating class of 2019! I've gathered a few highlights from his high school senior photo session!

Senior photo at the Frisco Star

I've known Bennett and his mom for a while now, and it was my pleasure to be his teacher when he was a seventh grader. Bennett is a FANTASTIC kid. You want to know how fantastic he is??

Many of you know that recently my husband and I had a son. And while I was pregnant and name-storming, in my usual analytically organized fashion, I had notes in my iPhone, books of names, a Pinterest board, name generator mobile apps, and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of my favorites. Because if you've ever been a teacher, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to name your own child. Every "name" has a story that goes with it and a connotation. But Bennett's name was at the top of our list (we ultimately went with Walt--a family namesake). I saw the name Bennett, and I thought of this Bennett, and I said, "I would no doubt be blessed to have a kid like him. That name is a keeper.

Bennett is smart.

Bennett is a gifted athlete.

And Bennett is funny. You should have heard his impersonation of the Farmer's Only dating service commercial when he was 13.

If you haven't found your high school senior photographer yet, I'd love to chat with you!

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