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How to pose a 2 or 3 month old baby | Frisco newborn photographer

2 month old baby pose

I see this question all the time in newborn photography forums:

"How do you pose a baby who isn't in the newborn stage?" "How do you take pictures of a baby who cannot sit?"

"Help! I have someone wanting to book a 10 week old baby!"

As photographers, that's a challenge. Because when you photograph newborns, you try to get them in the studio within the first two weeks of life so that they are nice and sleepy and can mold into your little bum up, froggy, and taco poses.

But you know what?

Parents who contact photographers for "newborn" photos of their two month old babies don't care about perfect poses. They want to remember their baby. And I've found a way to get photos of two month olds that work using a Chicaboo wooden posing bowl. This method allows them to prop their head slightly since they don't have complete neck control, and it is comfortable for them.


Chicaboo wooden posing bowl

a large fur or flokati

2 small pillows


Step 1: Place your Chicaboo bowl on a flat surface.

These bowls are deep seated and have a sturdy base that won't tip. Plus, the handled edges are good for baby to rest their heads.

Step 2: Padding

The baby will need to rest their head on the handle of the bowl, so use towels or padding for the back of their neck for support. Then, place pillows around the edge of the bowl so that when you lay your fur down, there isn't a steep drop off.

Step 2: Fur or Flokati

Just throw the fur or flokati on top of everything. Then wrap baby as much as they will let you before placing them in the nest. My son didn't want wrapped for most of them, so I just used bloomers.

Here are some examples of the finished product!

You can also use the same bowl and hide padding under a stuffer if you don't have a large flokati or fur. These babies are all 10 weeks old.

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