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Why I Include Digital Images With Every Session | Frisco, Texas Newborn, Senior, and Family Photogra

Anyone who grew up in the 20th century knows that family photos were an ordeal at Olan Mills, Sears, or JC Penny, where you would get your studio shot done and then order your print package of 5x7s, wallets, and wall prints to mail to the grandparents.

But in the 21st century, times have changed. People keep still keep their memories in their pockets, but instead of having a wallet photo print, they have a cell phone containing literally thousands of photos.

The point being--times have changed. And with that, the art of family portrait taking has changed.

Families don't mail a 5x7 to the grandparents. They email the digital file.

Parents of high school seniors don't turn in an actual print to the yearbook company to print. They email it.

And for the holidays, people love to personalize their own family photo Christmas cards using one of many digital print services online in lieu of getting the generic set with a snowman on it from the holiday section at Hobby Lobby.

Do I offer high quality print services?

Absolutely! And the quality and colors of Miller's print services only available to photographers is unmatched by other consumer print services. Not to mention, I am a passionate advocate of printing every single family portrait to preserve. I have nightmares about computers crashing, losing USB drives, or any sort of hardware failure that means memories lost.

But as a family person myself, I understand the need to own the digital files for personal use. So that's why I offer digital files and print services alike to each of my families for each session.

Times have changed in the past 20 years, and I can only imagine how photography will evolve in the future!

Thank you, Reid, for coming out to take your senior photos with me this weekend!

To learn more about my digital collections, view any of my galleries and accompanying photo package options.

I'd love to hear from you!


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