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SBVA Snaps Senior Street Team | Senior Photos in Frisco

This year I wanted to do something new. I wanted to create a team that was different than the other senior photo model teams that I have seen so many other photographers put together.

mural at light farms in celina

I thought long and hard about what I wanted my "model" team to look like. When people first think of the word "model", they think about the most gorgeous of elites--only the prettiest are allowed. That wasn't the team I was going after though.

mural at light farms in celina

I wanted a team full of girls who have a model HEART. A team of girls whose beauty shone from the inside out. A senior photo team of girls who were in it for the right reasons -- to lift each other up and create friendships that last longer than their 12th year. And it is just a bonus that all of these girls are gorgeous anyways.

senior model team

In the past couple of weeks, the team of girls and I got together to play games, swap clothing, donate to Frisco family services, and build those relationships. And last night, half of the girls and I went out to a couple of local murals to take some photos.

Beautiful hearts. Model hearts. My senior street team is about WAY more than getting beautiful photos for their senior year, it's about making friendships with other girls who have the same goal -- to love one another and "build those bonds".

Senior Photographer in Frisco

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