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Professional Hair and Makeup: An Insider's View | Frisco Senior Portraits

A couple of weeks ago, five high school girls had the exclusive experience of getting their hair and makeup done by Blushbar Beauty in Frisco prior to having professional photos taken at Legacy West in Plano. These sweet girls took the time to answer a few questions about their experience:

senior pictures near Legacy West in Plano

Describe the whole experience of having your hair and makeup done and then getting professional portraits taken:

Naomi: The whole experience was amazing! From the moment I walked in there were girls getting their hair done and makeup. All of the hair dressers and makeup artists were so kind. I enjoyed the vibe of Blushbar. It feels safe and at home! Confidence was all around the room after we had our hair and makeup done. Whenever we got to the shoot I never realized how fast it all happens. It felt so quickly. It was such a great experience knowing how shoots work and what photographers look for in pictures. Mrs. Sarah was such a kind and great photographer. I definitely enjoyed modeling for her.

Aliza: The whole experience was so much fun, getting my hair and makeup done and then getting amazing pictures taken made me so special! I had a great time!

Shakia: The whole experience was a very fun experience. As soon as I walked into Blushbar I was greeted nicely and felt positive vibes . I enjoyed getting my makeup done so much and the results looked really good. My favorite part was being able to take pictures with the girls I had just met . All the girls were really nice , pretty , and very outgoing to talk to . The whole experience was very fun and I would love to do something like that again ! {Pictured below are Naomi, Aliza, and Shakia}

senior pictures near Legacy West in Plano
senior pictures near Legacy West in Plano

senior pictures near Legacy West in Plano

What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at? Did you get any items from your senior pictures shoot from those stores? Which ones?

Naomi: I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom’s, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Urban Outfitters. Each of those stores always have been my happy place. My sweater is from Hollister and I got shoes from Nordstrom’s as well.

Aliza: I love shopping at Zara and H&M. The snake skin top I wore for the shoot was from Zara!

Shakia: I like to shop at Forever 21 and Shein. Yes i had gotten my black body suit from and pants from Forever 21.

senior photos in Legacy West in Plano

What have been your favorite high school memories so far?

Naomi: My favorite high school memory has been hanging out with my friends Trinity and Maddie. They always brighten my day and we can’t ever go a day without laughter. Especially whenever we have our sleepovers.

Aliza: One of my favorite memories would have to be planning out a buddy reveal party for the Best Buddies club that I am an officer for. I got to plan out the whole thing and the kids loved it!

Shakia: My favorite memories about highschool has been making the varsity volleyball team again and beating our rivalry highschool The Colony. My other favorite memory was attending my schools basketball games .

senior photos in Legacy West in Plano

What was the best part about getting your hair done by Blushbar?

Naomi: My favorite part was talking to the hairstylist that was doing my hair. I did not get her name, but she was such a humble person. We talked about my life, hers, my future, and just other things. I had so much fun getting to know her. I hope I see her again.

Aliza: I loved being spoiled and they made me feel so special. It was so much fun!

senior photos in Legacy West in Plano

What was your favorite part of getting your makeup done by Blushbar? Had you had your makeup done before and how was it different than doing your makeup yourself?

Naomi: It was such a fun experience getting my makeup done. It’s cool to see how different artists see your face and use makeup to bring out certain things. I usually do very minimal makeup on my face and whenever they were doing my makeup I felt important! She was very good with the eye shadow and I just enjoyed the feeling of being pampered for a day! Especially after school. You don’t get to have many of those days.

Aliza: I have gotten my makeup done before but the Blushbar experience was so much more personal and comfortable. It’s always more fun getting your makeup done rather than doing it yourself!

Shakia: My favorite part about getting my make up done by Blushbar is getting my eye-shadow done and getting lashes put on . Yes i have had my makeup done before . The difference between Blushbar putting on makeup instead of me is that they can blend eye shadow a lot better than me .

senior photos in Legacy West in Plano

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