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Senior Photo Editing: Before and After | Frisco Senior Photographer

One of the things that I pride myself in is getting my pictures right in camera. I shoot my sessions in manual mode and manipulate my camera's settings as well as the sunlight to do exactly what I want it to. Then, in editing, my goal is to bring out the sharpness and contrast in an image to bring out the model's best features. When someone looks at their senior portraits years from now, I want them to look at how great they look!

Some high school seniors may love the best VSCO and instagram filters for their photos, but one thing I remind my clients of is that they may not love those grungy and grainy filters when they look at their images decades from now, when the fad of the filter has faded.

Here are some before and after senior photo images. You won't see a drastic change -- but slight improvements!

It takes me about 3-5 minutes per image to do the following:

  • flyaway hair reduction

  • blemish and shine removal

  • eye and teeth brightening

  • skin smoothing

  • sharpening of features

  • image straightening (making sure the vertical and horizontal lines in the image are straight)

I love senior portraits!

Frisco senior Photos

Frisco senior portraits

Senior Portraits at Legacy West in Plano

Senior photos at legacy west in plano

plano legacy west photos

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