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DUO Senior Sessions | Getting Senior Portraits with Your BFF | Frisco Senior Photographer

This year, I decided to offer something new and fun for high school seniors! I now offer a senior DUO session.

Frisco Senior Photos

What is that, you ask?

Well, two seniors book the same date for their high school senior portraits, and they get to have their hair and makeup done together and travel to two different locations together for their photos.

Logistically, it works great because one senior can have their photos done while the other is changing clothes, and it helps create an even more fun experience.

This senior duo session was for Natasha and Katie, two of my 2020 Senior Street Team models. They showed up to Blushbar Beauty for their hair and makeup at 3, and they were letting me know that the fun was already beginning.

After hair and makeup, they met me at Legacy West for a few photos and then we went to Adriatic Village.

Want to know how their experience went? Well let's hear what they had to say directly!

Best Friend Senior Photos

1. Were you nervous about anything prior to your senior session? Katie: I was really nervous because I wanted them to turn out perfectly. I got to have my hair and makeup done and Mrs. VA helped me with outfit choices, so I felt better about the pictures and I had a lot of fun!

Natasha: I was most nervous about finding the right outfits and the weather. Working with SBVA Snaps helped majorly; I was texting her pictures of different outfits and she told me what would look better with the backgrounds!

Frisco Senior Photos at Adriatic Village

2. What are your favorite clothing stores? Did you get any items from your shoot from those stores? Katie: I like Francesca’s, Nordstroms, and Urban Outfitters and those stores are where I got my outfits from.

Natasha: My favorite clothing stores to shop have to be Top Shop, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and so many more! Right before the shoot I went to Urban Outfitters to see what other outfit I should get and I ended up getting a very cute dress from there.

Frisco Senior Photos at Adriatic Village

3. What will you remember most from your senior photo session?

Katie: Spending time with my good friend Natasha and getting to see my old teacher just having a great time.

Natasha: What I will remember most from my senior photo session will be dealing with the wind! The wind was definitely not my friend that day.

Frisco Senior Photos

4. How was getting your hair and makeup done by Blushbar?

Katie: I loved it!!! They did an amazing job and they were so nice!

Natasha: Blushbar did my hair and makeup just how I wanted it! I showed them pictures of what I wanted my hair and makeup to look like and next thing you know it was perfect I felt so happy seeing how perfect it ended up!

Frisco Senior Photos

5. What have been your favorite high school memories so far?

Katie: All of the Friday night games, making new friends, joining new clubs, going to internationals for DECA, and having an internship doing what I love.

Natasha: My favorite high school memory as of right now has to be getting my teachers to dance with me in class because when I see someone is having a bad day or even when I have a bad day I start dancing sometimes and my teachers will join me and some of my friends would too and it just gets everyone so happy and the day just gets better!

Frisco Senior Photos

6. Name 3 things on your life's bucket list.ha

Katie: 1- parasail 2- travel the world 3- learn to be fluent in another language

Natasha: 1. Going to visit Russia to see my family 2. Snorkeling 3. Traveling the worl

Senior Photo with Night Lighting

Frisco Senior Photos

Frisco Senior Photos

Frisco Senior Photos

Frisco Senior Photos

Do you and your best friend want to book a senior photo shoot together? Check out my senior photos page and contact me today to get on the calendar!



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