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Kate's Interview: She answers my top 5 questions | Frisco Senior Photographer

Kate B.

Wakeland High School

Class of 2020

Question 1 How long have you thought about getting senior photos? Kate: I have dreamed of my senior pictures since my freshman year of high school! I always thought it was an amazing way to recap your high school experience in photos to see where you started, and how much you’ve grown!

Question 2 What are your plans after you graduate and why? Kate: My plans after graduation is to go to college at the University of Arkansas, where I will be majoring in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. After that, I will apply for physical therapy school, and I hope to one day open my own Pediatric Physical Therapy clinic. My love for kids is what kick-started my interest in this field, helping kids is my biggest passion.

Question 3

What are you looking forward to most in your senior year and what activities are you planning to participate in?

Kate: I am definitely looking forward to football games, so I can sit at the very front with my friends! I’m also very excited about homecoming and prom! I am planning on participating in clubs such as FCA, Key Club, Make a Wish, and also throwing shotput on the track team for the third year.

Question 4

What was the preparation process like for your senior session?

Kate: For my senior photos, I started shopping months and months in advance! I think this is best, so you aren’t rushing at the last minute to find something cute. I chose my hair and makeup about 2 weeks prior; I was just so excited! I think some advice is to plan early, and to plan efficiently. I shopped for clothing pieces everywhere I went, for example when I visited Arkansas, I shopped in several boutiques!

Senior Photos with Wildflowers

Question 5

What was the best part about your session and how will you use these photos?

Kate: I think the best part about my session was the relationship I have with my photographer, Sarah! She was my 7th grade English teacher, and I’m so glad she was able to capture my pictures! My second favorite part was when we got to the field, my second location for pictures. I was just expecting a basic grass field, but when we got there the field was covered with flowers! It was so pretty and I was so excited for it! I will be using these pictures for a long time, for graduation announcements, sorority applications, job headshots and more.

Senior Photos with Wildflowers

Kate is one of my 2020 Senior Street Team members. What is a street team member, you ask?

A member of my street team not only has their senior portraits taken with me, but they also participate in team building activities and additional photo shoots throughout the end of their junior year and during their senior year.

I am booking my remaining dates for the class of 2020, and taking waitlist applications for future street team members for the graduating classes of 2021-24!


SBVA Snaps Street Team Senior Models


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