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Callie | Senior Photos at Adriatic Village | SBVA Snaps Photography

I had such a wonderful time with the Crane family this weekend for Callie's senior portrait session. For her session she went with my package that includes hair and makeup, a couple of locations, unlimited outfits, and all the best images from her session. Here are a few highlights from the session, and I had so much trouble figuring out which images to edit! Her gallery wound up being around 76 images because I just love them all so much!

Her senior portrait day started at 3PM at Frisco's Blushbar Beauty where she was pampered with hair and makeup. Then, we met up at Adriatic Village in McKinney for the first leg of our session. Adriatic Village is well rounded with backgrounds of stone and flowers. Then, around sunset, we went to my favorite spot - the field.

One thing that I know WELL is exactly what the light does at that field at given times. And I know that in July, the magic happens around 8PM when the sun sets just above the tree tops and gives a golden halo to each portrait.

So, without further wait, I show you a few highlights from Callie's senior photo gallery:

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