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How to beat the heat with a summer senior photo session? | Frisco Senior Photographer

In Texas, our summers creep into temperatures that turn swimming pools into hot tubs. And sadly, that is the time of year when high school seniors are required to submit their photos for yearbook as soon as they return to school. Clients often express their concerns that it is so hot during their photo session, so here are a few recommendations that I have for them.

1. Only take senior photos in the open shade

"Open shade" are wide open areas that are not in the direct sunlight. This is usually during golden hour, within an hour and a half of sunset, or if your senior doesn't mind getting up very early in the summer, during an hour and a half of sunrise. This open shade is not only many degrees cooler, but it creates the perfect lighting for portraits.

2. Wear appropriate clothing for your senior portraits

While letterman jackets weigh eighty million pounds, they are good for a couple of photos, and then it is time to shed the layers into something that breathes well.

3. Consider studio portraits for a few of your senior pictures

My studio is a cool 72 degrees. You can always do the first part of the photo session in the studio and then finish the session outdoors at sunset. That's what we did here!

If you haven't found your senior photographer and you are graduating from the Little Elm, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, or Prosper area, I would love to help you document this special time!


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