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Family Style Guide : 3 Tips for Using Jewel Tones for Fall Photos

Man! This fall family photo season has gotten away from me, and I just realized I haven't blogged in two months! 🥴

After looking at some of my favorite family photo outfit combinations this season, I felt the need to share a few tips for using colors to compliment anyone's skin tones.

If you like my style, you are probably drawn to rich, vibrant colors like I am. If I am planning my own family photo outfits, you won't find me dressing everyone in white. I LOVE COLOR!

Here are my best tips for assembling family photo outfits:

1. Choose Complementary Jewel Tones

When I say complementary, I'm not talking about people saying nice things about your clothes. I'm talking about colors that look good with one another. You don't want to all be wearing the same colors (because who does that in real life?!), but you want to wear colors that go well together. The beauty about using complementary jewel tones is that YOU will stand out against your background, and jewel tones look good against almost anyone's skin. Not only will these colors look good against you, they will bring out eye colors and stand out against bland winter backgrounds.

So, what are jewel tones?

Jewel tones are rich and vibrant colors--and as you can see, they all look great together.

Family Photos at Legacy West

Family Photos at Legacy West

2. Limit Patterns and Wear Solids

The other part of this tip is choosing SOLIDS. That's right. Solids. If you want to incorporate a print, limit it to one or two items of clothing within the whole family. There are three reasons to limit prints in your photos. 1) Prints can date a photo. You may look back on the photo in a few years and realize that pattern was a passing trend. 2) The location of your photo may have a busy background. 3) If too many people in your portrait are wearing a print, it will either clash or take away from their faces.

Frisco Family Photos
Frisco Family Photos

3. Layer and Accessorize

The last tip is to layer and accessorize! Use jewelry, vests, jackets, and scarves to add pops of color throughout your outfit.


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