Why Choose SBVA Snaps for Business Headshots | Frisco Corporate Headshot Photographer

Business Headshots While I am normally immersed in newborn, senior, and family photography, I often take on clients needing an updated headshot for their portfolios. In today's age, your social media presence is all part of business, you you want to put your best face forward. Here are the 3 reasons you should choose SBVA Snaps Photography for your business headshot: 1. Choose your headshot on the spot You don't have to rely on a photographer to choose your best angle for you. You'll get to choose your headshots from the previews before you leave the studio. 2. Quick turnaround 3. One re-edit of an image After you view your headshots, you can ask for one more re-edit if anything is bugging y

7 Affordable Amazon Maternity Dresses for a Photo Shoot | Frisco Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is a time when a woman will want to document their curves. Maternity dresses made to shape these curves are best for photography purposes. Here are my top picks for maternity dresses that are flattering to moms-to-be for their maternity photo shoot. Just be sure to read sizing charts, find undergarments that flatter, and order with plenty of time before your maternity photo shoot! Note that these images are from the links, not my own, and that each dress comes in a multitude of colors. 1. The JustVH Maternity Fitted Gown Cross-Front V Neck Ruched Long Sleeve Maxi Photography Dress This one is flattering on just about every body type! It covers the arms gracefully and hugs the bump.

How to pose a 2 or 3 month old baby | Frisco newborn photographer

I see this question all the time in newborn photography forums: "How do you pose a baby who isn't in the newborn stage?" "How do you take pictures of a baby who cannot sit?" "Help! I have someone wanting to book a 10 week old baby!" As photographers, that's a challenge. Because when you photograph newborns, you try to get them in the studio within the first two weeks of life so that they are nice and sleepy and can mold into your little bum up, froggy, and taco poses. But you know what? Parents who contact photographers for "newborn" photos of their two month old babies don't care about perfect poses. They want to remember their baby. And I've found a way to get photos of two month olds tha

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