2020 Senior Model Street Team | Frisco Senior Photographer

With all of our crazy schedules, there was no way for all 19 of my Senior Model Street Team members to be at the same shoot on the same day for headshots. Which is why I chose to do a local mural shoot with half of my team who can't make our larger shoot next month. Not only was it amazing to get to see the girls, but it was great for them to see each other. These girls all have so much in common that they may have not even realized. I love getting to use the Celina mural and the downtown Frisco murals for the background of these headshots. Not only is it a landmark for where these girls are graduating, but the colors are stunning and really pop! Have you booked your senior photos?

SBVA Snaps Senior Street Team | Senior Photos in Frisco

This year I wanted to do something new. I wanted to create a team that was different than the other senior photo model teams that I have seen so many other photographers put together. I thought long and hard about what I wanted my "model" team to look like. When people first think of the word "model", they think about the most gorgeous of elites--only the prettiest are allowed. That wasn't the team I was going after though. I wanted a team full of girls who have a model HEART. A team of girls whose beauty shone from the inside out. A senior photo team of girls who were in it for the right reasons -- to lift each other up and create friendships that last longer than their 12th year. And it i

Sarah Van Alstyne: Globally Featured Senior Photographer

I received some exciting news earlier this week: I have been chosen among the best 200 Senior photographers in the world by Senior YEAR Magazine to appear in their 2019 print magazine. I am excited to see which images of mine that they selected! One of my favorite things about doing senior sessions is seeing how a teen's eyes light up when we look at the back of my camera after nailing a really cool shot. I love seeing a teenage boy who has come to the session reluctantly with his feet dragging, and ending the evening saying, "Yeah, that was kinda fun." (A huge compliment coming from an 18 year old boy). And I absolutely adore seeing a girl's eyes light up while looking at an image of hersel

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Sarah Beth Van Alstyne is an award-winning photographer specializing in family and high school senior photography in Frisco, Texas and surrounding cities.