Matilda Jane, Joanna Gaines, and other names

Meet Maggie! She introduced me to the world of Matilda Jane clothing. Here you can see her wearing her "delicate topiary top". At first, I thought Matilda Jane clothing was just for little girls. Little did I know how many other things they had to offer, too. And on top of that, Joanna Gaines, the mothership of all that is holy in my decorating world, has her own line within Matilda Jane for women. Hold up! What?! MJ has cute tops, tunics, cardigans, and dresses that are figure flattering and have a unique style. You can see the entire collection for purchase on Maggie's website here. Maggie's daughter came to my studio to model some of the newest little girls' dresses from the April collect

Love me, you must. Hug me, you will.

On April 8, my best friend, Aimee, had her baby. If you take the time to get to know Aimee, you'll find that she loves comic books, cartoons, Sci-fi, and even more than those things--she loves babies. When my son was sick last year and I had no more work days to miss, she was the first to volunteer for sick-Bauer snuggles. Aimee was born to be a mom, and that's why nothing makes me happier to see Brady Brian Yu Thompson enter this world! Lately, I've been evolving to do more minimalism newborn photography--neutral colors and bright clean light. Something that you can hang in your home as a piece of art. But you also can't resist a cute Yoda outfit! Just look at this guy! Er....ahem, "This gu

The fear of holding a newborn

When I was very young, the idea of holding a newborn was petrifying. Unfounded, nightmarish doubts vaulted through my thoughts. That doesn't look comfortable! What if the baby cries? Can the baby tell that I am afraid of her? Can I break a baby? What if I *gasp* drop the baby? And I know some adults who still have these fears until they have children of their own. Then, when my niece was born almost twelve years ago, my fears vanished. This precious newborn cargo entered my life and it all made sense. Armored with a fort of pillows, I cradled her body with the whole of me, even though the whole of her body weighed nothing at all. I became her protective shell and I stared in awe of the life

How I can help you with your direct sales business

In the past several years, social media has become one of the best places to advertise, and with that, it has become a platform for work-from-homers to build their own businesses through direct sales. Many of my friends and acquaintances have begun their own journeys with direct sales and the ones who have applied themselves have been quite successful. It seems that the most successful direct sales entrepreneurs are able to brand themselves and set themselves apart from others through their relationships, professionalism, and--let's be real, folks--their appearance on social media. Especially if a beauty product is the target of the sale. That's why having professional photos for your direc

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