Capturing a fighter's heart - Frisco lifestyle photographer

*best viewed in safari or chrome Charlotte Jo Hill was born a fighter. She had no choice. Born barely over 2 pounds and at almost four months early, she and her family fought to bring her safely into this world and become the first daughter to Mark and Erica, and the first sister to Evan and Dylan to make up the Hill party of five. Last month, I took photos of Charlotte's best friend's birthday party with the Meanors, and I was excited to be invited into the Hill home for Charlotte's very first professional portraits. Lifestyle photography is a fantastic way for me to capture the interactions of Charlotte, her brothers, and her parents. Lifestyle photography tells a story. And I'm thrilled t

Getting Photos of Your Business - LuLaRoe Airstream Mobile Boutique

In the past several years, social media has become one of the best places to advertise, and with that, it has become a platform for work-from-homers to build their own businesses through direct sales. Many small businesses that thrive on the social media advertising aspects of their businesses rely on one thing: Here it is. Great pictures that sell. I was able to check in with one of my favorite small business owners, Sara, a consultant for LuLaRoe. Check out Sara Shalvey's 31 foot, amazing, Airstream LuLaRoe boutique--complete with dressing room! My family lives east of Dallas in Forney, and one day my mom stumbled upon Sara Shalvey's LuLaRoe booth. They became instant friends and connecte

What people forget from their hospital delivery bag checklists - [Welcome baby Harrison]

Meet the Pugh family! I will introduce you to them in a moment. But first, I want to talk about the thing that Pinterest doesn't tell you to pack for your hospital stay after you give birth. When I was pregnant with my son, I scoured Pinterest for every single thing that I could stuff into my hospital bag. I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to have everything I needed to bring my precious bundle into the world. You envision your hospital stay going perfectly, and want to be ready for it all. Pinterest will give you over a thousand checklists. Just look at this screenshot: Little did I know that by the time I actually got to the hospital when my son came into the world, I was just as happy to

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Sarah Beth Van Alstyne is an award-winning photographer specializing in family and high school senior photography in Frisco, Texas and surrounding cities.